The Flame In The Flood: Tips to get you started

The Flame In The Flood is a survival game in which you play a young girl and her dog. You travel by foot and by raft that is down a randomly generated river. You’ll scour the land for food, resources, elude brutal wildlife, and construct tools to survive. As with most survival games, it is never abundantly obvious what are immediate necessities. This is a little guide to help you get started.

Clean Water

Clean water is honestly not that difficult to come by. Making a water filter is fairly easy, combining charcoal with cat tails and rags. These ingredients are quite common as well. Charcoal might be the only stickler, but when you find or craft a fire you can always pick up a piece of charcoal. Another simple method to use, as soon as it starts raining consume your water and then use the jar. The jar will refill with rain water, which is already purified.

Dandelion Tea

This may seem a little odd, but it is an absolute life saver. While out exploring always keep your eye out for dandelion’s. This can be combined with clean water at a campfire, to create dandelion tea. Now you’re wondering, why do I care about a hippy drink? Well when you are exploring and aimlessly run passed a snake, and then get bit by said snake. This lovely concoction will cure that dastardly affliction. It is always a good idea to either have a jar of dandelion tea already prepared, or at the very least have the ingredients to make the tea. Another little FYI, Sumac tea can also be used to cure snake bite.

Tainted Meat

Another odd sounding item, but extremely essential in my opinion. Keep your onion’s peeled for devil’s trumpet, not an easy find. They are a little more of a rare find, but not impossible. Combine this with raw meat, to get your hands on tainted meat. Now for the fun part, what the hell do I use it for? You can select this from the quick menu, and then select to toss it near a wolf. The wolf will eat the tainted meat, and then promptly fall over dead. One less wolf to deal with. You can also pick up the tainted meat to reuse, well some times it works. Another little trick I used against multiple wolves. I will make my way to the entrance of the area map, the wolves will stop pursuing you. Take that opportunity to toss out the tainted meat, and watch them fall. Run up and grab it if possible, then rinse and repeat until they are all dealt with. It is also good to note, you might want to avoid wildlife in the beginning. Well all except the rabbits, since they are harmless. As you gain a better stock in items, you will acquire the needs to take on all manner of wildlife. Another thing worth noting, bears are not to be trifled with on a whim. If you decide to take on a bear, be prepared as all hell. These beasts will slay you in a matter of seconds, and give you very nearly no time at all to get away. If you have ever seen The Revenant, you know how terrifying bear attacks can be! I have managed to take down a bear with two spear traps, which is set up before attacking the bear. Then I managed to shoot the bear with two arrows. Though on another occasion, I tried the same method……and was massacred. On a side note, different animals will attack each other.

Box Trap

The box trap is better than the snare. You can get two uses out of the box trap, for about the same amount of ingredients. The box trap and snare are used to catch rabbits. Another difference is that the snare will kill the rabbits, and the box trap will capture them alive. You can use a live rabbit to distract wolves, though it didn’t really work well when I tried it. The rabbit’s hide is used for quite a bit of different tools, or disguised as the leather kit. The leather kit is crafted with rabbit hide. So all in all those little buggers are actually pretty important. Though not very hard to find at all.

Spear Trap

This is an another must have item. I know, I’ve already said that a few times. The spear trap is useful for taking out those pesky boar’s. It is not terribly difficult to craft, though quite bothersome to set up. Imagine a boar constantly trying to ram you, while trying to build a spear trap. It does get a little annoying, but again not impossible to accomplish. You can use timing, or simply flee the area until it stops pursuit. Then slowly move back into the area, and set up the trap in the safest area. The boar hide is somewhat of a rare find, and used for quite a few tools. It is advised to use them wisely. Check the number of hide you have, against what you want to build. When you reach the point that you can craft a steel knife, they can be broken after multiple uses. The steel knife is also used to create a good number of tools, and needs boar hide to craft one. So to find yourself without one, can be a little vexing.


A simple creation, add salt to raw meat. The big bonus to this is that it does not spoil. You can cook raw meat at a fire or the stove. Cooked meat gives you 35 to your hunger, and jerky only gives 25. Cooked meat can spoil after a few days, so that is why jerky can have the upper hand. It is good to create them as often as you can, and leave them in your storage.

Upgrade clothing

To start with you can create insulate articles of clothing. Which is pretty simple to craft, use the clothing you already have and add cat’s tail. Then as you explore more you will find rabbit, to craft rabbit fur clothing. Then boar hide, wolf hide, and bear hide. There are different layers of gear rating. As soon as possible you will want to start the upgrade process, and whenever you have free materials.

Now we will move on to the order of operations for upgrading your raft. The raft will be your home away from home. So you will definitely want to start upgrading as soon as possible. In order to upgrade your raft you will need a few things. Raft schematic is something you will just find during exploration. Search through a couple of crates, and you are bound to find one eventually. Raft frame is created with old lumber, which is not an easy find in the early stages. Raft hardware requires nuts n bolts, which is also not an easy find. This is why it is good to start the list at the top, with the most important, and then work your way down. After reading the descriptions, you may decide one is more important than the other. So it is obviously about player preference, but an order of operations is not a half bad idea.


The rudder will be the first order of business for upgrade. It will help you navigate the rough and wild river that you spend the majority of the game traveling down.

Raft Shelter

Next on the list will be the delightful raft shelter. Can’t go wrong with having a place to rest always at your finger tips. Another use for the shelter is to hide away from the rough weather. Now there are places to seek shelter throughout the game, but there are times when you seem unable to find a place to lay your weary head. Having this shelter can really come in handy.

Raft Storage

A good upgrade, but not an absolute necessity right away. The raft storage will give you a nice upgrade for extra space to store your goodies.

These last few are interchangeable, and really based off your own preference. I will give a brief explanation of each of them though.


Another useful upgrade that eliminates the need for a campfire. After creation, the use is quite simple. You add a little kindling and you are set to start cooking like you were Mr. White himself!

Sturdy Frame

This upgrade will make your raft……well a little more sturdy.

Raft Motor

The raft motor paired with the rudder will have you navigating the river like Marco Polo himself (I don’t know, first reference that came to mind). The raft motor will let you move against the current. This is a particularly useful trick to catch some of the explorable areas that are far apart from each other.

Water Purifier

The last on the list, and personally I think it should be saved for last. The water purifier does exactly what it says, purifies your water for you. I never seemed to be at a shortage for water. It seems to rain more often than not, and I always seemed to have a few jars on hand.

There we have it fellow gamers. This little dandy should help you get some bearing in this vicious exploration game. The game itself is quite fantastic, and actually surprised me a good deal to how much I enjoyed it. Depending on how you decide to play it, this game only runs a little over 8-10 hours of game play time. Though the replay value is fairly decent. I can very well see myself replaying this in the near future. Hope you enjoyed this, and come on back for some more gaming delights soon.

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