In Space, no one can hear you scream….about how excited you are for Alien Day

All right my little Xenophiles you know what time it is, today is officially Alien Day. April 26th, or 4/26, is a reference to the moon LV-426 on which Ridley Scott’s Aliens is set. Fox ran their first Alien day back in 2016, which marked the 30th anniversary of Aliens. The event involves a number of special releases including comic books, novels, clothing, video games and collectables. The day also sees the re-release of the movie collection in some movie theaters. There are a few websites that do giveaways, and trivia with prizes. This all leads up to the release of the new Alien: Covenant movie, which hits theaters, May 19th 2017. So if you haven’t started your movie marathon in preparation for the new movie, now is the perfect time for a binge. If you want to get hands on and scare your pants off, check out the video game Alien: Isolation. Grab some popcorn, and sit down with your favorite facehugger to enjoy this #AlienDay.

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