Final Fantasy XV: A few little tips to get you started



Final Fantasy XV is a massive open world game. With all there is to do, it can get somewhat overwhelming. Well no need to fear, I’ve got a few tips to help get you started.

Your car is your best friend: The Regalia is your primary mode of transportation in FFXV. This sturdy little work horse can take you from point A to point B. The Regalia has a number of other uses up her sleeve. One not so obvious perk is that your car is a mobile shop. Whenever you find yourself out in the middle of nowhere and down on potions, just open up the Regalia’s menu and start shopping.

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Second is the ability to fast travel to your car from anywhere on the map. When traveling to a quest objective, it becomes necessary to leave the Regalia and travel by foot. There can be a good deal of leg work involved. So once the quest is finished, nothing feels better than instantly warping back to your car.  Another useful trick is that while driving you do not actually need to steer the car. If you simply hold down on the accelerate button, the car will automatically follow the road. Be aware though, if the road forks in another direction the car will continue on the current road. This trick is useful for long stretches of road, which actually appear quite often. When you reach a certain point in the story Noctis will unlock the ability to manually drive whenever he wants. At lower levels Ignis does not feel comfortable driving at night. The auto drive function will be disabled until the next morning. When Noctis reaches a higher level Ignis will become comfortable with driving at night.

Braving the night: Night time in FFXV is when the creatures called Daemons appear. The game cautions you about going out after dark. I could not find an answer to my question, “what level is it safe to travel at night?” Well from what I have seen, most of the Daemons have varying levels. At level 18 I was successfully able to take down a level 30 enemy. So far I have encountered anywhere from level 14, all the way up to level 42. While exploring the game, there is no level scaling. At level 17 I ran into a level 52 dungeon boss, which did not end in my favor. I would say venture out at your own risk. If you find yourself outmatched you can almost always run away from a fight.

Restaurant business: When you arrive in a new outpost, check to see if there is a restaurant. On your map the icon will appear as a fork and spoon, these are referred to as tipster’s. The role of tipster is a simple, but extremely useful one.

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When speaking to a tipster, the first option is to talk, which will uncover nearby points of interest on the map. The second option is to eat, which offers you ability buffs for a certain period of time. The third option is to hunt, which will set you up on bounty hunter side quests. When bounty hunter side quests are completed, they can be turned in at any tipster location. These are an easy way to make Gil, FFXV’s form of currency, as well as a little xp. Make sure to pay attention to the level of the bounty mission you are taking. It is alright to take on an enemy a few levels above you. Take caution when facing opponents higher than your level. Some of the bounties have you taking on more than one enemy. This is where you will find yourself struggling. It can even be difficult to take on multiple opponents with equal level to your own. Always be prepared when going into any fights.

Pay attention: When you are exploring it is always a good idea to pay close attention. There are a great number of items in every nook and cranny of the map. You can also watch Noctis, pay attention to the direction his head is looking. From time to time Noct will spot something, and tend to turn his head in that direction.

Bullet proofing: One item that I absolutely recommend as soon as you can afford it is the bulletproof vest. You will face a great deal of imperial’s, their main weapon of choice is firearms. The bulletproof vest offers some protection against firearms. I personally equip bulletproof vests whenever facing off against imperial’s. When the fight is finished, I go back in and equip whatever gear I had on previously.

Wait mode: This is by far one of the most handy tips in this entire article. To activate wait mode open the pause menu, select combat, and then select wait mode. During combat this will pause the game, giving you major tactical advantage. Whenever you move or attack, the pause will cease. If you simply stand still again, the wait mode pause will reactivate. I have had this feature activated since the very beginning of the game.

Well there you have it folks. These are just a few tips that I have picked up throughout my play through of Final Fantasy XV. I hope these little tidbits will help you along your journey. As always check back here for all of your nerdy goodness.


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